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Theme: Game Development

Group Description

This group includes games that focus on the process of developing electronic games. This can include business simulations as well as games belonging to other genres that use electronic game industry as the primary theme.

Limitations: The primary theme of the game must be electronic (video, computer, etc.) game development. Games that include it as a secondary or tertiary theme are to be excluded. For example, a business simulation that includes it among a variety of other industries, or an otherwise traditional game that includes a "developer's room" where the player can meet the staff are not allowed. Game construction kits are also to be excluded.

Selected Covers

Game Tycoon Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Game Tycoon
Software Manager DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Software Manager
Game Dev Story iPhone Front Cover
Front cover for Game Dev Story
Segagaga Dreamcast Front Cover
Front cover for Segagaga

Selected Screenshots

Your story and aim.
Screenshot from Software Star
Title screen
Screenshot from Software Manager
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Game Dev Story
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