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Theme: Homeless

Group Description

Sometimes painted broadly as bums or hobos, this group collects games featuring as protagonists individuals who, for whatever societal or economic reason, find their only home in public space, generally in urban areas. Gameplay often draws on conflict resulting from that uneasy fit or cruelly creative (ab)use of these impoverished individuals, often not in full command of their faculties.

Selected Covers

Hobson's Choice Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Hobson's Choice
Hobo Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Hobo
Bum: Rags to Riches iPod Classic Front Cover
Front cover for Bum: Rags to Riches

Selected Screenshots

Enter the game!
Screenshot from Hobson's Choice
Loading screen
Screenshot from Hobo
Start screen
Screenshot from Homeless: it's no game
Title Screen
Screenshot from Your Bum is Talking
Introduction sequence with the Kodak Theatre in the back
Screenshot from Space Spy