Theme: Illegal Drugs / Narcotics

Group Description

Games where the theme is primarily activities involving the use, purchase, sale, distribution, or law enforcement of narcotics or illegal drugs. Most content classification systems today have special tags for drug references or drug use. Pharmaceutical drugs and alcohol do not apply.

Note: Although marijuana, cannabis, and several other drugs may or may not be deemed illegal or a narcotic by modern standards (country depending), the identification of a narcotic or drug (presumably illegal) should be explicitly identified by the game.

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NARC Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for NARC
Code Name: Viper NES Front Cover
Front cover for Code Name: Viper
L.A. Drugs Bust ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for L.A. Drugs Bust

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Loading Screen
Screenshot from Drug Watch
Game's Interface
Screenshot from Drug Lord 2
American Laser Games' Logo
Screenshot from Drug Wars
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