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Games involving ninjas in a major role or with plots involving ninjas.

A ninja (忍者, literally one who bears) is a general term for an agent, used by feudal warlords during the Japanese Sengoku period, who practices in unorthodox covert activities (assassination, espionage, sabotage, etc.) considered to be dishonorable to the ruling samurai class, or a person who practices the art of ninjutsu (忍術), which includes disciplines such as weapon mastery, evasion, disguise, etc. In Japan, the term shinobi, written with the same Chinese characters and having the same meaning, is more commonly used (sometimes also used to refer to a male ninja). A kunoichi is identified to be a female ninja, often using techniques of a geisha.

Historical references of the ninja vary in myth, thus its accuracy cannot be attained; one myth for example describes this art originating from Chinese warriors who fled their homeland for being persecuted for their philosophical beliefs. These warriors settled in Japan, specifically the mountains of Iga and taught their combat skills to the locals.

In popular culture, as well as its adaption in most video games, the public awareness of the ninja were greatly influenced by the 1980-90s Hollywood movie industry.

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