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Games that deal with the theme of piracy in a naval sense. Historically, sea piracy and buccaneering are not limited to a specific time period nor are they limited to particular territorial waters (although the term buccaneer itself is limited to pirates operating in the Caribbean).

It's safe to say that ever since ship vessels were first built, there have been persons attempting to prey upon those ships and its cargo.

Note: Sea piracy is probably best known for their setting in the Caribbean from 1560 to 1730 (often known as the Golden Age of Piracy). Pirates attacking ships on behalf of a nation are known as privateers after they acquired a letter of marque. However, for the context of this group, any game that features a strong element or atmosphere of naval piracy is allowed.

  • For strategy games, the gameplay should identify the ability of the player to attack other ships in sea battles, which may include: boarding another ship, looting goods from defeated enemy ships, attacking sea forts from the sea, etc. The most obvious example for this is the Pirates! series.

  • For adventure games or other genres that do not fulfill the requirement of the aforementioned, a pirate theme must explicitly be noticed within the game. The most obvious example for this is the Monkey Island series.

  • In accordance to the first requirement, space pirates or games that refer to space piracy are excluded from this game group (see: Genre: Simulation - Space trading and combat).
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Return to Pirate's Isle TI-99/4A Front Cover
Front cover for Return to Pirate's Isle
Pirate Adventure TRS-80 Front Cover
Front cover for Pirate Adventure
Death in the Caribbean Apple II Front Cover
Front cover for Death in the Caribbean

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Screenshot from Swashbuckler
Starting location
Screenshot from Return to Pirate's Isle
Pirate adventure title screen
Screenshot from Pirate Adventure
Title screen
Screenshot from Death in the Caribbean
Title Screen.
Screenshot from Walk the Plank
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