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Games which identify a primary or secondary function of gameplay in dealing with the stock market. The player may assume the role of a stock broker, a company president, or any individual role which allows access to the stock market where the player must buy or sell stocks and bonds for financial and investment purposes.

Games where the stock exchange function is a secondary form of gameplay, may result in certain hostile takeovers or other damaging financial risks to the player's company (or personal bank account) if ignored by the player.

  • Games with stock exchange features usually have a certain level of complexity as an additional feature to create a real-life stock market environment. Games with possible stock market options which have one or more of the following characteristics should not be in this game group:
    1. Have no real effect to the gameplay.
    2. May be ignored by the player (aka optional).
    3. Does not result in financial or other effects that hamper in-game achievements in the game (e.g. company ownership).

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Capitalism Plus DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Capitalism Plus
Inwestor DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Inwestor
Wall$treet DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Wall$treet
Ocean Trader DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Ocean Trader
Wall Street Kid NES Front Cover
Front cover for Wall Street Kid

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I-Magic Logo
Screenshot from Capitalism Plus
Screenshot from Inwestor
Loading screen
Screenshot from Wall$treet
Main menu
Screenshot from Ocean Trader
Title screen
Screenshot from Wall Street Kid
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