TIGSource B-Game competition

Group Description

Inspired by the compellingly broken gameplay of Sexy Hiking, a contest was held soliciting the production of independent games analogous to Ed Wood-style cult or b-movies, celebrating "bad games with some great personalities! Broken gameplay that works; low budget graphics that titillate the primitive and perverted parts of our brains; outrageous themes beyond the ken of normal human beings."

Selected Covers

Fuck Typing Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Fuck Typing
Gunlimb Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Gunlimb

Selected Screenshots

Greeting Collin!
Screenshot from Betasuppe
Title screen
Screenshot from Cottage of Doom
Title screen
Screenshot from Fuck Typing
Oh dear...
Screenshot from Mondo Medicals
Game group created by Pseudo_Intellectual (47942), additional games added to group by Sciere (415205) and Opipeuter (16486)