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TIGSource PG competition

Group Description

Games created for the Procedural Generation competition hosted by the website TIGSource, run between 5th May 2008 and 2nd June 2008.

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Selected Covers

sin(Surfing) Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for sin(Surfing)
Rescue: The Beagles Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Rescue: The Beagles
Self Destruct Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Self Destruct
Evolution SHMUP Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Evolution SHMUP

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Space Shot
Introduction screen
Screenshot from The Germinator
Start of the game: play or quit
Screenshot from K2
The word "cold" is partly uncovered.
Screenshot from Sesame Seeds
Title screen of the first version. The colors are chosen randomly every time the game is launched.
Screenshot from Krebswelte