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UltraBox series

Group Description

Containing six volumes, UltraBox for the PC Engine (TurboGrafx) console was among the first game magazines released on a CD ROM. Each volume contains mini-games in various genres, most frequently simple dating simulations and action games. A few of these games are divided into episodes with every volume containing one. A detailed database of PC Engine games and collections of fan drawings are present in each installment of the series as well.

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from UltraBox 4-gō
This time, the game starts with a To Be Continued screen!
Screenshot from UltraBox 2-gō
Title screen
Screenshot from UltraBox 6-gō
That's a very... weird way to greet new players :)
Screenshot from UltraBox
Title screen
Screenshot from UltraBox 5-gō
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