Visual technique / style: Voxel graphics

Group Description

This group is for 3D games which use a voxel graphics engine, as popularised by Comanche: Maximum Overkill. Voxel techniques are a fast way of making smooth landscapes.

Selected Covers

Shadow Warrior DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Shadow Warrior
Shattered Steel DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Shattered Steel
Comanche: Over the Edge DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Comanche: Over the Edge
Surface Tension DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Surface Tension
Robinson's Requiem Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Robinson's Requiem

Selected Screenshots

Taste my twin Uzis!
Screenshot from Shadow Warrior
First mission completed.
Screenshot from Shattered Steel
From the grainy introductory video - this is the head of Lynx
Screenshot from Surface Tension
Intro sequence
Screenshot from Robinson's Requiem
Title screen
Screenshot from Strike Base
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