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Word Construction games

Group Description

Games where the major gameplay element is based around constructing words, a concept popularized by Scrabble. To play or progress in the game, players need to form words using a selection of letters. This group also contains games where compounds need to be formed using etymons. It does not include crossword puzzles, or games where words need to be guessed or missing letters need to be filled in.

Selected Covers

1000 Words BREW Front Cover
Front cover for 1000 Words
Word Whomp Whackdown Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Word Whomp Whackdown
Scrabble Blast! Game Boy Advance Front Cover
Front cover for Scrabble Blast!

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from 1000 Words
Title screen.
Screenshot from Word Whomp Whackdown
Title screen
Screenshot from Scrabble Blast!
Staggered Mode - the computer is scoring
Screenshot from BookWormZ