Word Search games

Group Description

Games in which the player must find words hidden in a grid filled with letters.

Selected Covers

Puzzle & Word Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Puzzle & Word Games
Puzzler Collection Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Puzzler Collection
Wordsearch Buff 501 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Wordsearch Buff 501
Universal Word Search Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Universal Word Search
Puzzler 1000 Wordsearch Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Puzzler 1000 Wordsearch

Selected Screenshots

This is the first screen the player sees.
Most, if not all, of Tommy's shareware games start like this
Screenshot from Tommy's Hidden-Word
This is the main game screen of the game. The create a puzzle option is visible on the toolbar but is only available in the registered version
Screenshot from Colossal Word Search
The game's title screen.
The copyright details are quickly replaced with a message saying 'Select a puzzle type by clicking on one of the icons'
Screenshot from Wordsearch Buff 501
Main Menu
Screenshot from Computer-Wordsearch
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