Xanadu games

Group Description

This group includes Xanadu: Dragon Slayer II (1985) and its sequels, remastered versions, and spin-offs. Itself a sequel to Dragon Slayer, it was one of the progenitors of dungeon-crawling action RPG genre, eventually inspiring games with more elaborate structure and gameplay, such as the Legend of Xanadu spin-offs. Xanadu games are part of the Dragon Slayer universe.

Selected Covers

Xanadu Next N-Gage Front Cover
Front cover for Xanadu Next
The Legend of Xanadu II TurboGrafx CD Front Cover Manual - Front
Front cover for The Legend of Xanadu II
Faxanadu NES Front Cover
Front cover for Faxanadu

Selected Screenshots

Main menu.
Screenshot from Xanadu Next
Title screen
Screenshot from The Legend of Xanadu II
Title screen
Screenshot from Revival Xanadu II: Remix
Title screen
Screenshot from Faxanadu
Title screen
Screenshot from Xanadu: Scenario II
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