User review spotlight: Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (DOS)


Group Description

This game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code format.

Z-Code is an Interactive Fiction software platform which originates from Infocom's Z-machine virtual machine software solution. All game information are stored in a platform-independent data file, so once you had developed a Z-Code interpreter for a given platform, all Z-Code games could run on it -- a massive save on time and money.

After the demise of Infocom, people decoded the file format and began to develop interpreters for newer platforms. Also the Z-Code standard was developed further, allowing for graphics, sound and other improvements. Today, Z-Code has become some sort of standard for Interactive Fiction, and there are Z-Code interpreters for most, if not all, platforms (a good list can be found here).
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Selected Covers

Eliza TRS-80 Front Cover
Front cover for Eliza
Curses Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Curses
Anchorhead Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Anchorhead
A Scurvy of Wonders Browser Front Cover
Front cover for A Scurvy of Wonders
9:05 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for 9:05

Selected Screenshots

ECC-Eliza splash screen
Screenshot from Eliza
Title screen
Screenshot from Curses
Title Screen
Screenshot from Anchorhead
Title screen
Screenshot from Caverns of Chaos
Game start
Screenshot from A Scurvy of Wonders