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Group Description

This game group contains games written in the platform-independent Z-Code format.

Z-Code is an Interactive Fiction software platform which originates from Infocom's Z-machine virtual machine software solution. All game information are stored in a platform-independent data file, so once you had developed a Z-Code interpreter for a given platform, all Z-Code games could run on it -- a massive save on time and money.

After the demise of Infocom, people decoded the file format and began to develop interpreters for newer platforms. Also the Z-Code standard was developed further, allowing for graphics, sound and other improvements. Today, Z-Code has become some sort of standard for Interactive Fiction, and there are Z-Code interpreters for most, if not all, platforms (a good list can be found here).

Selected Covers

Eliza TRS-80 Front Cover
Front cover for Eliza
The Zork Anthology DOS Front Cover
Front cover for The Zork Anthology
Hunt the Wumpus TI-99/4A Front Cover
Front cover for Hunt the Wumpus
Softporn Adventure Apple II Front Cover
Front cover for Softporn Adventure
The Adventure Collection DOS Front Cover
Front cover for The Adventure Collection

Selected Screenshots

ECC-Eliza splash screen
Screenshot from Eliza
Title screen
Screenshot from The Wizard's Castle
Title screen, introduction
Screenshot from Gerbil Riot of '67
Title screen
Screenshot from Caverns of Chaos
Title screen, starting location
Screenshot from Frankenstein Adventure