007: The World Is Not Enough Ad Blurbs (Nintendo 64)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Nintendo 64 (Germany):


    • Bonds beste Missionen! Kämpf dich durch 14 gefährliche Levels mit Zielen, die auf deine Fähigkeiten abgestimmt sind.
    • Über 40 Gegenstände und Waffen, die dir von Q zur Verfügung gestellt werden! P2K, eine Röntgenbrille, ein Uhren-Elektroschocker und noch vieles mehr.
    • Multiplayer-Spiele voller Action! Individuelle Multiplayer-Modi für 1 bis 4 Spieler sowie computergesteuerte Gegner.
    • Authentische Dialoge! Interagiere mit deinen Lieblingsfiguren und schau dir 3D-Filmsequenzen an, die dich an den Film erinnern werden.
    • Expansion Pak™-Unterstützung für verbesserte grafische und visuelle Effekte.

    Schlüpfe in die spannende Rolle eines der weltbesten Top-Agenten. Du bist von Q ausgestattet mit einem kompletten Arsenal an Geräten und Waffen und du musst clever und mit Stil und Durchsetzungsvermögen agieren, denn dich erwarten auf dem Film basierende gefährliche Missionen. Bleibst du auch unter Druck cool? Kannst du, wenn nötig, richtig durchgreifen? Natürlich kannst du das - du bist schließlich Bond. James Bond.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on Jan 30, 2010.

Back of Box - Nintendo 64 (United States):


    • Bond's Best Missions! Battle through 14 dangerous levels with dynamic objectives based on your skill level.
    • Over 40 Q-Lab Gadgets and Weapons! Bond's P2K, X-Ray Glasses, Watch Stunner, and many more.
    • Action-packed Multiplayer! Customizable multiplayer modes for 1 to 4 players plus AI controlled bots.
    • Authentic Dialogue! Interact with you favorite characters and experience movie-like 3D cinematics with full speech.
    • Expansion Pak™ Support for enhanced graphics and visual effects.

    Experience the intensity of being the world's top secret agent. Equipped with a full arsenal of Q-Lab gadgets and weaponry, you must be suave, resourceful and lethal as you carry out action-packed missions based on the blockbuster movie. Are you cool under pressure? Deadly when necessary? Of course you are - you're Bond... James Bond

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on Jan 30, 2010.

www.nintendo.com – Nintendo 64:

    If you're an action freak, The World Is Not Enough is plenty enough.

    Mark my words, James: Stealth matters.

    Let's get the inevitable comparison out of the way: The World Is Not Enough (TWINE) is a jolly good game that stands tall next to GoldenEye 007.

    Developer Eurocom has wisely stuck close to GoldenEye's winning formula, even dubbing the three difficulty levels "Agent," "Secret Agent" and "00 Agent," just as in the original game. Like Rare's instant classic, TWINE contains tons of cool gadgets and guns, ever-changing mission objectives, and, of course, the opportunity to play as the world's most famous secret agent.

    But there are clever innovations, too. Eurocom has spiced up the gameplay with one level (Cold Reception) that is a rail shooter on skis and another (Night Watch) in which Mr. Licensed To Kill is not allowed to hurt anyone.

    Most notably, generous use of voice-compression allows for many dramatic cinema sequences as well as in-game transmissions from R that propel the action forward, since you don't have to pause to read about your next objective. The voice compression technology was licensed from LucasArts, another developer that knows the value of voice in games based on top-drawer movie licenses.

    The Expansion Pak supports crisp graphics and a smooth frame rate. You can play TWINE with the standard 4 megabytes of memory, but expect much loss of detail.

    Production companies MGM-UA and Danjac (which has produced every 007 flick starting with Dr. No) contributed mightily with movie set blueprints and photos and even vetting the game text for that proper Bond touch. Because EA also snagged the rights to actors' likenesses, Pierce Brosnan's handsome mug graces the TWINE box and Pak, while those of Dame Judi Dench (M), Robert Carlyle (Renard) and other TWINE thespians appear in the game.

    EA scrimped on the voice and music licenses, but the results are generally satisfactory. John Barry's classic 007 theme is missing, but the replacement score is Bond-ishy cool and compelling. The anonymous voice talent is quite good. Cheers to EA, though, for forking over the bucks for one big name from the movie. John Cleese is a world master at conveying exasperation and his peevish transmissions as R add much humor to the game.

    All in all, TWINE is a crackerjack Pak that should appeal to both first-person veterans and newbies.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on May 15, 2005.