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Introducing Kirin
Introducing Ron
Introducing Brown (and his squirrel)
Title screen
In game menu
Character selection screen
Manbe vs Furin
Furin slam dunks for 2 points.
Manbe tries his hands at a 3 point throw,
Furin tries... and succeeds!
As seen in this replay, Manbe isn't really happy with how things are going and turns ugly.
Manbe lost!
Practice mode menu.
Mini Game menu. The guy in the lower right is Takehiko Inoue, the character designer for the game.
2 player Mini Game. This is the character selection screen.
Shota vs Laheesha
Laheesha wins!
Kirin is playing a minigame.
Brown vs Luka
Luka meets Luka.
Luka slam dunks! (Which seems easier if you have wings I suppose...)
Luka wins.
Dramatic camera angles help create an intenser feel in the game sometimes.