10-Yard Fight Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Insert Coin.
Running with the ball.
Huh Huh.
Go for the touchdown.

MSX version

Title screen
Beginning a play
Near the end zone!
Uh no, pass interception!

NES version

Japanese Title screen
Choosing a difficulty level
Starting the game
The opponent defensive team tries to stop you
My receiver is in trouble...
Now my team must defend
Starting out by playing high school football
Returning the opening kick
Every yard gained increases the players score
Lining up at the line of scrimmage
Being pursued by the defense after catching a pass
About to catch a pass
An intercepted pass sends the offense 20 yards back
Ran out of time
Game over
Every 1st down adds more time to the clock plus increases the players score
Lining up for the extra point kick
The kick is good
After the touchdown, the 2nd half begins
Touchdowns are worth a lot of points
There's even less time to score a touchdown at the college level
Playing the college team
The player with the highest score wins in the 2 player mode
The defensive player can pick a defender to play as
Not getting a 4th down conversion sends the player back 10 yards
The player can keep earning points until all the time runs out
Now it's the other players turn to play offense
Controlling a defender