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1080° Avalanche (GameCube)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Nintendo Life
As long as you are happy without SSX Blur-type motion controls, this is a title which encapsulates the wonders of a backwards compatible Wii. A short, but quality selection of licensed bands combines with similar attention spent on sound effects, which provide an aural treat. The chaotic avalanche escape dynamics make 1080° Avalanche its very own individual. Snowboard game fans will be sure to exclaim "dope, dude!" and "sick, man!" just like an excitable Ricky Winterborn once they experience the fun contained within this disc.
It's the best snowboarding game to date, but it may take a while to appreciate the craftmanship on offer, just like the original. The breadth and depth on offer here will keep you coming back for the next six years, again just like the original.
GamePro (US)
The first 1080? was one of the N64?s classic games?its snowboarding soared to fame by focusing on racing at breakneck speeds. This long-delayed sequel benefited greatly from extra time in the incubator, landing on firm footing with an excellent performance that honors its roots.
'1080° Avalanche' ist ein würdiger Nachfolger des kultigen '1080° Snowboarding' und weiß spieltechnisch zu überzeugen. Bis auf die etwas kurzen Abfahrten, den mäßigen Umfang sowie die manchmal etwas unscharfen Texturen gibt es eigentlich nichts zu bemängeln. Die halsbrecherischen Kurse und das hohe Tempo sind ein hoher Suchtfaktor und lassen euch nicht so schnell los. Wem die Konkurrenz 'SSX 3' zu abgedreht ist, macht mit dem Kauf definitiv keinen Fehler. Freunde abgefahrener Tricks sollten dagegen eher zum EA Big-Titel greifen.
Highscore-Jäger und Gelegenheitsspieler können bedenkenlos zugreifen, denn 1080° Avalanche kann sowohl spielerisch als auch technisch begeistern. Alle anderen müssen sich gut überlegen ob ihnen für das Geld genügend Umfang geboten wird. Seinen Spaß hat man mit diesem Titel aber auf jeden Fall!
Press Start Online
So, where does 1080° Avalanche fall down? Visually, while it’s nice enough, it’s hardly straining the Gamecube’s surprisingly mighty innards (although the presentation side of things is amazing and very efficient - obviously a great deal of thought went into this aspect of the game, something sorely lacking in most games of this type). The only real fault is that it’s not massively long. Yes, it’s small-scale, but that’s hardly a consolation when you’ve mastered everything the game has to offer in one or two weeks of solid play (something 1080° Snowboarding veterans will probably do with ease). But that brings me to my point: when you’re faced with a game this good, does it really matter how long it lasts? Or would you rather play something about fifty times as big, with nowhere near the same level of quality?
Zugegeben, es war sicherlich keine einfache Aufgabe einen Nachfolger für das grandiose N64 1080° zu programmieren. Dennoch muss ich ehrlich sagen - ich bin ein wenig enttäuscht! Schon die ersten Teile von Amped und SSX haben gezeigt, wie cool, fordernd, abwechslungsreich und zugleich gutaussehend ein Snowboard-Spiel sein kann. Trotzdem, auch wenn 1080° jetzt nicht der erhoffte Überhammer geworden ist, sei dennoch eine etwas eingeschränkte Kaufempfehlung ausgesprochen. All denjenigen, denen SSX zu "tricky" und Amped zu hammerhart war, finden mit 1080° Avalanche genau das richtige Board. Schöne Ideen wie die spannenden Lawinenabfahrten und ein mehr auf realistisch getrimmtes Gameplay gleichen die kleinen Schwächen des Titels wieder aus. Ganz knapp am Award "vorbeigeschreddert"!
Kun krossisarjojen radat on nähty ja opittu, mielenkiinto hiipuu. Temppuilu ja kolikkojen kerääminen viihdyttävät tovin, mutta aito addiktio iskee vain krossi- ja pujottelukisoissa. Viisitoista lyhyttä rataa eivät kuitenkaan piisaa loputtomiin.
The Video Game Critic
As much as I love the racing aspect of Avalanche, I have to admit that the "tricks" element of the game is somewhat lacking. Another weakness is its music, which I recommend turning off in favor of the crisp sound effects of slicing through the icy tundra. A terrific split screen mode allows up to four people to compete against each other, and it doesn't seem watered down at all. I only wish they would have incorporated a multi-round "championship" mode (a la Mario Kart). It's not the most ambitious snowboarding game ever made, but for those who prefer to keep it simple, 1080 Degree Avalanche is the perfect antidote to SSX.
Evolution statt Revolution, so lautete einmal mehr das Motto von Nintendo bei der Entwicklung von „1080 Avalanche“. Inhaltlich gleich das Spiel seinem Vorgänger auf den ersten Blick sehr und bleibt seiner Linie treu, von einigen kleinen Änderungen abgesehen. Spielerisch wurde wieder sehr viel Wert auf ein hohes Geschwindigkeitsgefühl gelegt, welches sehr gut vermittelt wird und zusammen mit den Lawinenattacken auch zu den herausragenden Momenten des Spiels gehört. Leider ist das Tricksystem immer noch sehr unterwickelt und bleibt weit hinter der Konkurrenz zurück, wer darauf viel Wert legt, sollte sich eher bei der Konkurrenz umsehen. Alle anderen und Fans des Vorgängers bekommen kein überragendes, aber sicherlich ordentliches Snowboardspiel mit ansprechendem Umfang und guter Optik geboten, ein Probespiel ist also auf jeden Fall angebracht.
Although people weren’t expecting much from this game it definitely came as a nice surprise to me and I sure it will surprise other doubters to. It offers a great racing experience. The races where the avalanches chase you are far more exciting and exhilarating than anything EA’s SSX3 can give you but sadly the game itself does not last as long as I would like it to. In about 10 hours you should have clocked all the main game has to offer and it up to the time trial to try and keep your interest. Depending on your taste I would recommend you to buy or at least give this a rent. The game is a prime example of quality over quantity and should offer some hidden depths to the player who perseveres to the end.
Deshalb meine Empfehlung: 1080° Avalanche ist kein Kaufgrund für einen Gamecube, jedoch ein Pflichttitel für jeden NGC-Besitzer. Der hohe Spielspaßfaktor, besonders im Multiplayer und ein angenehmer Soundtrack sorgen hier schon für’s richtige Feeling – für Snowboardfans ist dieser Titel sowieso ein Pflicht-Kauf.
Die Maßstäbe, die der Vorgänger seinerzeit setzen konnte, vermag 1080°: Avalanche leider nicht zu erneuern. Gameplay und Technik sind zwar ordentlich, aber nicht herausragend und der eher magere Spielumfang ist angesichts der langen Wartezeit fast unentschuldbar. Auch der Mehrspielermodus hat trotz LAN-Unterstützung recht wenig zu bieten, während das Tricksystem primitiv und aufgesetzt wirkt. Schade auch, dass die Pisten nur wenig fahrerische Freiheiten zulassen und immer wieder Slowdowns den Spielfluss hemmen. Zudem nervt die Steuerung mit lästigem Stick-Rütteln, um in letzter Sekunde Stürze abzufangen. Nichtsdestotrotz macht das virtuelle Boarden eine Zeit lang ungemein Spaß. Das liegt neben dem tollen Geschwindigkeitsgefühl vor allem an den belebten und interaktiven Pisten.
Years ago I enjoyed 1080° Snowboarding on Nintendo's 64 and now I enjoyed again 1080° Avalanche on GameCube. It's really simple tho, the game is fast, offers several modes, has great music and sound effects (support provided for Dolby Prologic (2) receivers and the controls are simple. The game has a tricking system which offers more variety into racing but the best part are the destructive avalanches and the speed that you are getting when racing. While most of the gamers will only know SSX and Amped on the existing platforms ... I strongly suggest that when you own a GameCube , you definitely should check 1080° Avalanche out because it will certainly give you the thrill! It did for us!
It’s still an enjoyable ride while it lasts, though, and fans of the original don’t have to think twice about investing in Avalanche, even though NST has taken a more arcade-like approach. Likewise, if you liked Wave Race: Blue Storm, another NST-developed game with a similar game structure and challenge level, you really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s fast and furious, action-packed and intense, and has few significant flaws.
Overall, it seems that developer NST kept just about everything that made the original 1080° Snowboarding on the N64 so great. Unfortunately, the gameplay mechanic that 1080° Avalanche uses, while still good, just doesn't hold up in today's times, especially considering the competition of EA's SSX3. If you want a good fun snowboarding title (and still need a code to register for the bonus Zelda disc), you won't regret picking this one up. It's just not the best snowboarding title out on the market today.
Whilst SSX3 offers a more mainstream arcade experience, and Amped 2 covers the (arguably more difficult) simulation side of snowboarding, 1080° Avalanche combines high speeds with realistic handling. It places more emphasis on the racing side of things rather than performing stunts. Gamestyle has spent a considerable amount of time with all three games - and as each has its pros and cons, we suggest you'll have to find out for yourself which style of snowboarding game suits you best. However, we can't recommend this game enough. If it's an adrenalin rush you're after, then 1080° Avalanche could be the snowboarding rush you've dreamed of. From Nintendo, with Love.
1080 is a brilliant demonstration of how tight gameplay should be in a title like this, whilst managing to avoid being too unfair. The game has not come as far as it should have done since the days of the N64, but it has removed the old clunky landing system that resulted in crashes every five seconds. Unfortunately, though, the SSX series has come on much further and fans will likely plump for EA’s more extreme franchise. NSTC has been slightly lazy, just like it was with Wave Race: Blue Storm, which is a crying shame because what they have done is extremely high quality. Make sure you do not completely dismiss this game completely – at least give it a chance at rental first…
Computer and Video Games (CVG)
So 1080 isn't massively original, but it does have one killer gimmick in the form of avalanches. At the end of each cup championship you race a far deadlier opponent than your sworn snowboarding rival - you race against all the might of a thundering avalanche itself. Again, simplicity is key: get to the finish line before the timer runs down or the mountain eats you for breakfast. Boulders fall from on high, sheets of ice shatter beneath your board, animals scatter and buildings give way. It's mayhem, and a real challenge. Much like the rest of the game actually. And where else can you be thrown headfirst from a helicopter, tea tray lashed to your feet as a landscape collapses behind you? Great fun.
Gamezone (Germany)
1080° Avalanche macht mit seinen witzig gestalteten Rennstrecken wirklich Spaß und besonders der etwas ungewöhnliche "Lawinen-Faktor" sorgt für eine dicke Ladung Adrenalin im Blut. Auch der Mehrspielermodus kann sich sehen lassen und sorgt für Stimmung bei jeder Zockerzusammenkunft. Doch an den König des Genres, SSX 3, kommt dieses Spiel bei weitem nicht heran. Dazu ist es einfach viel zu simpel gestrickt und bietet ein eher langweiliges Tricksystem. Auch in Sachen Umfang muss 1080° Avalanche zurückstecken, mit den drei Standardcups ist man in einer Stunde durch und kann sich danach nur noch mit Trick-Herausforderungen oder Zeitfahren beschäftigen.
Impulse Gamer
I'd say that you will enjoy this title for the most part, however remember here that the focus is on speed and winning the race as opposed to doing tricks. The avalanches are stunning and general graphics in the game look great too. Some of you might want to give this one a rent before jumping in with the buy but as long as you understand what you are getting then you are going to be in for a very fun experience. Recommended with a caution.
Zwar hat man schon seinen Spaß vor allem mit dem Gate Race und dem Time Trial, vergleicht man aber Spielzeit, Pistenlänge, Gegner KI und Aufgaben an sich mit SSX 3 läßt 1080 überall federn. Im Endeffekt hat sich inhaltlich zur N64 Version nichts geändert und alles präsentiert sich nur in neuer Grafik. Das ist mittlerweile zu wenig bei der hier starken Konkurrenz. Auch der Multiplayer und besonders der LAN Modus reißen das nicht mehr raus, da auch hier gespart wurde und nicht alles fahrbar ist. Einziger Trost ist in diesem Falle das es eine Alternative in diesem Genre gibt. Wer Snowboard Action erleben will fährt mit dem SSX 3 besser.
Gaming Target
1080°: Avalanche is another example of a Nintendo racing sequel that has made a couple of gameplay improvements, has at least one catchy gimmick and seems graphically suitable for the GameCube. Still, the game has long been in development and despite its build up, isn’t the avalanche that buries SSX 3. Its one thing if you’re one of the few that fully intends to take advantage of Avalanche’s four-player LAN capabilities, but many aren’t ready to scale that mountain just yet. So, instead of buying into this one right away and being disappointed upon purchasing it, renting 1080°: Avalanche is the best way to ensure you’re not beset by an avalanche yourself.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
With the possible exception of Kirby, Nintendo has always been good at guiding its most treasured franchises into three dimensions. Think Mario, think Zelda, think Metroid. But despite a number of efforts on the N64 and GameCube, Nintendo is yet to guide one of its epoch-defining 3D titles to the next level. 1080: Avalanche is yet another example of this - a fine and enjoyable game that only excites in fits and starts, and brings almost nothing new to the slopes.
Five years ago the Nintendo 64 racer 1080 Snowboarding was -- well, it. The EAD-created title was -- with simple, but responsive control mechanics and then-gorgeous graphics -- as good as snowboarding games got. It was so good, in fact, that it took publishing giant Electronic Arts several years and a far more powerful console to give it solid competition -- of course we're referring to the birth of the SSX franchise on PlayStation 2.
The downside of the game is simply that it is not up to par with SSX3, which is what happens when you go head to head with someone who has had two previous tries in one console generation to get it right. 1080 also leaves me with many questions, such as why can’t there be more then one opponent in a race. Overall, 1080 Avalanche does makes a lot of improvements but it would require a lot more work to compete with SSX3, the best snowboarding video game.
1080° Avalanche est un superbe titre, défoulant et astucieusement mis en forme de part un aspect arcade un peu dépouillé mais recélant de grands moments vidéoludiques. Je pourrai m'arrêter là mais malheureusement le soft de Nintendo dispose d'une durée de vie toute pitite pitite, et ce malgré les modes multi, d'un gameplay possédant quelque points noirs et d'une esthétique accrocheuse mais décevante au vu de ce qu'on trouvait dans SSX 3. Je vais aller noyer mon chagrin dans la poudreuse moi. "Garçon une petite ligne svp".
1080 Avalanche delivers a sometimes thrilling sensation of speed and features a number of nice touches not found in other snowboarding games, but it has very limited lasting value.
Nintendo Difference
Malheureusement il est court… trop court ! Sans ce problème il aurait été mieux noté puisque pour un jeu de simulation il remplit le cahier des charges. On regrettera quand même une multitude de petits défauts et un mode freestyle raté qui laisse un arrière goût d’inachevé au titre. En espérant qu’un nouveau 1080 sur N5 corrige tout ça.
Game Informer Magazine
n the five years that Nintendo has kept the 1080° series frozen in ice, the very nature of video game snowboarding has changed completely. After spending a week with Avalanche (which is about six and a half days too many), I’m beginning to think that someone didn’t give Nintendo the memo. If the SSX series never existed, I’d begrudgingly play Amped. If Amped somehow never came to fruition, I would play Tony Hawk – pretending that the asphalt was snow. Are you catching my drift here? Nintendo fans may get a kick out of some of the extras (a large ice statue of Mario and an NES controller snowboard), but I have a feeling that everyone will have trouble getting into this game’s confusing trick system and lackluster single player experience.
G4 TV: X-Play
"1080 Avalanche" falls a bit short of "SSX 3," but it's still very enjoyable. The races are a lot of fun and the course design is second to none. Even with the game's problems there's still enough to justify checking it out. However, fans of the "1080" franchise will find that other games have left the franchise behind on the bunny slope. Rent it, ride the avalanche, and return it.
Super Play (Sweden)
Jag måste erkänna att jag trivs när jag glider genom pudersnön i en vacker brandgul solnedgång. Backarna är väldigt lika sina föregångare, och det är bra. Ibland gnistrar känslan för bandesign till som isen under ett tjockt snötäcke. Ibland uppskattar jag påhittigheten när kameran snurrar ett varv runt min åkare samtidigt som en lavin börjar jaga mig nedför berget. Men oftast tar det slut just där - med ett milt, nostalgiskt leende av det slag som möter gamla rockband som egentligen inte är bra längre.
En conclusion on retiendra de ce 1080° Avalanche qu’il reste très axé arcade, ce qui est bien dommage. Malgré tout, le jeu reste très fun à jouer, mais les quelques défauts présents sont inadmissibles pour un jeu ayant suscité une telle attente. Au final, il passera peut-être inaperçu à côté de SSX3 ou Amped 2. A réserver aux fans ou à ceux qui aiment la « totale éclatche » rapide, mais pas longue.
Pris à part, 1080° Avalanche est donc un jeu bien réalisé qui offrira de brefs, mais très bons moments. Reste que la sortie encore récente de l'éblouissant SSX 3 place la barre un poil trop haut pour que la production de NST puisse s'imposer en tant que nouvelle référence, comme ce fut le cas de la version N64 en son temps.
Nintendo has some very specific areas of expertise, which we all know. It also has a reputation for doing things its own way. Making Metroid Prime a new type of first-person shooter and tackling fighting games differently in the Super Smash Bros. series are examples of this alternate path leading to success. 1080º: Avalanche, on the other hand, is one time where this rogue school of thought only delivers something mediocre.
Game Revolution
It might be good to be the king, but it ain’t so hot when you’re dethroned. Few games know this as intimately as 1080 Snowboarding, the once proud ruler of last generation’s snowboarding games that has been pretty much off the radar for a good five years now. In that time, EA’s SSX series has ushered in a brand new way to tackle the slopes, including two excellent entries for the Gamecube in SSX Tricky and SSX 3. How would the one-time sovereign respond to this new upstart?
All things considered, 1080º Avalanche really is difficult to recommend. Even people who liked the original seem disappointed by the updated version. Meanwhile, the good people over at Electronic Arts have released SSX 3 on all consoles, to rave reviews in almost every case. If you like snowboarding and Nintendo-published sports titles are what it takes to make you happy, go with 1080º Avalanche. Otherwise, join the happy majority that went elsewhere.