1869 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo Max Design
Title screen
Main interface screen
Trade with New York merchant
Bank business
Travel records
Port information
Visiting the tavern
Make new contracts at shipyard
Store goods in the trade depot
News bulletin

DOS version

From the Intro
Title Screen
View of the world
Going shopping
Better start paying those wages again
News from the world : Cancel that trip to Russia!
Robbed by the city guards
Those guys will sell you a ship.
Don't forget to hire a crew.
The shag in the background is your warehouse.
If it wasn't for the darn embargo of Cuba...
Busines simulation without statistics is like a fish witout a bicycle.
A rather neat game options page.
The Russian Navy doesn't like you very much...
Ahhh, a beauty ain't she?
Ship repairs - Those barnacles do more damage the local pirates!
Cutaway drawing of your ship