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1912: Titanic Mystery Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Main menu
Locations map
1st Class Stateroom - objects
Note puzzle
Wireless Room - objects
Mystery word puzzle
Lifeboat - objects
Picture blocks puzzle
Café Parisian - objects
Map differences puzzle
Stern locations map
Poop Deck - objects
Markers puzzle
3rd Class General Room - objects
3rd Class Cabin - objects

Nintendo DS version

Title and menu screens.

Windows version

Main menu
Characters profiles
Game start
Searching 10 suitcases.
Finding all the objects from the list.
Collecting all pieces of a pair of tweezers.
Jigsaw puzzle with a shredded note
Bomb note
Note by the terrorist
Isaac Maryland
Spot-the-differences game with a world map
Rachel Smythe
Marconi radio and telegraph room
Morse code machine
Captain Miller
Picture puzzle