1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum (Windows)

1931: Scheherazade at the Library of Pergamum Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
New York is Sadie's home and the main location for most stories.
Sadie has a wide variety of skills which she needs on her capers. Relationships and Dream are important main story qualities, and Inspirations lists one-shot boosts for her skills.
Sadie's journal records all that happens to her and is essential when you need to plan ahead.
Each location has skill expanding locations, a place to gain inspirations and some capers. All capers contain a series of obstacles which may use different skills.
A typical obstacle: Sadie must reach the difficulty number to the left in either skill. She may boost her skills with inspiration cards on the top.
During capers and special events Sadie is often presented with a dialogue tree. Her choices often impact gameplay.
When a caper is finished Sadie gets a spot in the local gossip rag with some highlights from her adventure.
You'll meet many colorful people, like this British spy who demonstrates all the dignity we've come to associate with Her Majesty's forces.
Sadie's Bedouin friend shows a bad case of eye-hair that's very common in this game.
Archeology may be important and all, but Sadie has many battles to fight!
Sadie will travel to many distant locations, such as India and South America.
Sadie will even go from NY to far away Australia to learn more about Aborigine culture.