1942 Screenshots

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Amstrad CPC version

Departing from the base
Up in the air, a birds-eye view of the ocean
Shoot a group of planes, then get the POW icon to upgrade your weapons
Exploded in mid-air
This biplane is much bigger than those at the start of the stage
Arrived at another base
Two of your companions join in the battle

Arcade version

Title screen
Plane starts
First enemy planes
Bigger enemy
Power up
Flying fortress

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
start stage 1
Uh oh, big planes attacking
finally some rest

FM-7 version

Title screen
Deployed for battle
Getting started
Flying over land
This guy is too big for me...

Game Boy Color version

Title Screen
Get Psyched
Your mission begins
A huge plane appears on your 7
Collect the pow .........
And you get twice the firepower
End of mission statistics

J2ME version

Title screen
The classic gameplay is intact.
Shoot the entire chain of red planes to receive a power-up.
There is a power-up that provides two wingmen.
Larger planes are tougher.
Level boss
Level completed.

MSX version

Title Screen
Leave the flight deck
Shoot the big plane for a bonus
Shot down!
MSX1 title screen
(MSX1) Taking off
(MSX1) Dogfighting above a small island
(MSX1) Here comes a big bomber
(MSX1) Game over

NES version

Title screen
Fighting enemy planes
Each level starts on an aircraft carrier
Attacking planes with some weapon power ups
Flying a mission over land
A very large enemy!
Approaching an island

PC-88 version

Title screen
Hunted by a large bomber
The bomber changes colour when damaged
A bonus appears
One early upgrade gives you four shots
After finishing the stage, you land on your carrier
Small planes come in white, green and red
Your accuracy is calculated
On to the next mission
Different planes have different attack patterns
Only 31 stages remaining
Shoot the medium-sized planes for bonuses
You may catch enemy planes, just as in Galaga
Shot down
Game over
High score!
In V1 mode, the graphics lose definition

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Top 5 Scores
Okay, let's get started, only 32 stages to go...
There are some flickering sprites when the action gets hectic
Power up, don't mind if I do
End of stage summary
Collecting the Yashichi earns you 5000 bonus points
Mmm, finally some greenery
Now we got some fire power
Boss plane Ayako

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Joystick options
Your mission begins
Big planes can shoot in all directions
Collect the pow ......
And you get twice the firepower
Land on the boat for the next stage
Over islands
Take power
Game Over

Official Screenshots

  • 1942 Screenshot
    Capcom (US) Product Page, GBC release (2001)
  • 1942 Screenshot
    Capcom (US) Product Page, GBC release (2001)