2005 Traffic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

These are the flight simulator's traffic settings used to obtain the following screen shots
This is Manchester airport, England. It's using the flight simulator's default scenery and default aircraft. Just the three planes on the ground Pacifica, World Travel and SOAR.
This is the same airport after 2005 Traffic was loaded. Many more aircraft and in liveries that I recognise. There's Thompson, BMI Baby, Air France, Virgin Express and more
The new models and liveries still look good close up
The package does not just add airliners, there are helicopters in both business liveries plus police and search & rescue. The rotor blades do work but the blur doesn't show well here
This shows the flight sim, upper right window, and Traffic's two main tools. Any of the active AI planes can be selected and viewed from these windows. Each tool can, of course, be viewed full screen
Traffic provides three new view modes. These are grouped in the aircraft selection menu under 'Just Flight Traffic 2005'
This is the aiprort tower view at night. The controls in the lower left are used to rotate the view, zoom in & out and tilt up & down
This is the same airport tower view in daytime. When the tower is selected the player has a choice of an airfield, an airport and either a medium or a large international airport.
Here the airport tower view has been used to track one of the new AI planes all the way from the departure gate to the edge of the runway.
This is the virtual plane spotter. The arrows on the backpack are used to steer the viewer to any point, here it's just above the runway watching planes take-off and land
Selecting items in the plane spotters bag opens up the ATC window, the top down view, the GPS and a clock. The binoculars opens the flight simulator's map view which takes over the whole screen
The drivers view from the 'Follow Me' car
This is the 'Follow Me' car. Excellent fior exploring the enhanced airports that can be added into the simulator.
Using the car it's possible to get right in among the planes and buildings. This is a view through the side window, there's a virtual view that gives smooth 360 degree rotation.
This is the flight simulator window where the new ATC voices can be selected.