3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The first title screen is followed by a brief animation
The main menu
As the cursor moves over the options some explanatory text is displayed
The Pinball Vault option on the main menu allows the player to examine areas of the screen in detail
This is the basic game configuration screen. It is accessed via the Preferences option on the main menu
The Advanced game configuration screen
The main game screen.
New balls arrive in the blue ramp on the right. They are launched via the down arrow key, one has just been sent on its way and is in the blue loop of track
Most screenshots will look the same because all the action happens in one place.
This is a little different, the player raises the platform and scores points by hitting the base repeatedly
The Thrillzone is in the upper left.
When active the player generally gets different ramps and targets in this area which they have to hit to score points
Here the roller coaster has been activated.
The roller coaster feature means the player has to hit the lit targets. Its harder than it looks
The game keeps separate high score tables for each difficulty setting