When in-game, go to the Help menu then to "About Pinball". You will be shown the game credits. While viewing the credits, use the up and down arrow keys to scroll quicker through the list. Hold down the shift key while pressing the up and down arrow keys to scroll even quicker. Hold down the CTRL key to see hidden special messages for some of the peoples names.

Demo Mode

If you sit at the main menu for a few minutes without touching your mouse or keyboard, the game will automatically take you to the "Play Pinball" screen where you enter your name to play. If you still don't touch your keyboard or mouse, the game will start up and it will start playing by itself using the last player name entered! This is like a demo mode, and although it plays through all of the balls currently set for a game and tells you that you have a new high score, this score is not saved.

Main Menu

Whenever you return to the main menu, the ticker-tape marquee will display random facts, tricks and tips about the game and other interesting information.

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