3 Days: Zoo Mystery Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title / loading
Main menu
Call for help
Arrival at the Zoo
Locations map
Game start - Zoo director
Zoo Administration - objects
Getting keys through the piranhas
Safe puzzle
Stats level complete
Matching outline mini game
George's Bar - objects replace
Plates stacking puzzle
Kids Room - objects
Uncle's House
Uncle's House - objects (moving lights)
Tile puzzle
Scale balance puzzle
Police Station - objects
Repair coffee machine
File folders puzzle
Word search puzzle

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Locked mini-games
Elephant being stolen.
Anna and uncle Ben
Anna flying to the zoo.
Arriving at the zoo.
City map
Loading screen
Zoo director
Piranha aquarium
Safe puzzle
Uncle Ben note
Silhouette matching puzzle with food plates.
Tower of Hanoi with plates
Level statistics
Sliding tiles puzzle
Scale puzzle
Police officer
Police station
Coffe machine puzzle
File cabinet puzzle
Anna waking up.
Word search
Face matching puzzle
Putting objects back to the scene.
Sliding blocks puzzle
Particle accelerator
Circuits puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle
Another jigsaw puzzle
Chips puzzle
Clown at the police station