3D Frog Frenzy Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The main menu
The first level
Make sure to get past the traffic!
Finishing a level and tallying up the bonus for the remaining time
More traffic to go through
Power-ups randomly drop. This one, the most common one, gives bonus points.
Traversing a maze-like level
Now we're getting more creative
North-south traffic? Huh.
You know it was made outside of America when harbor is spelled with a U.
That's a lot of logs...and that's not even counting the ones that are obstructed because of the draw distance.
Stairway to Heaven. Couldn't have picked a better name.
Going towards the sphinx.
More vertical traffic, and apparently the lanes all have different speed limits.
Down the stairs we go
This level is absolutely painful because, although it can't be demonstrated in a still image, the logs move incredibly slow.
At first I was dreading this boring level...
...then this power-up happened.
Okay, who thought this was a good idea for a level design?
Run away from the traffic!
Every once in a while, a bunch of cars drive through here. Be sure to time it right!
More timing puzzles.
The cars move so fast down these lanes that it can be difficult to make it through here.
This is the surprise box, you never know what you could get in this one.
Would you look at that? I got the one power-up that only comes out of the surprise box!
This level is completely painful because of how erratic and quick these cars are.
Heavy traffic? If I pick that up on this level, I'm as good as dead.
This time, we're heading south!
More log puzzles.