3D Lunattack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

High Scores
Mission Briefing
Battle Tactics
Score Table
Play Options
Checking status of ship
Let the battle begin
Firing weapon
Tank destroyed
A map of the area
Earth is shown in the distance
Let's blow the planet up
Ugly looking ship that is

Dragon 32/64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Skimming the craters
Shooting the craters won't do any good
Flying straight toward a tank
I have no idea what these balloons do
Now the screen is filled with action
Blown to bits
What is this? Some kind of targeting tunnel?
I can see the earth from here!

ZX Spectrum version

Number of players
Game start
Firing at tanks
Taking damage hits
Crashing into the ground
Choosing controls.
Close encounter with a tank. This bugger was like a tickling bomb waiting to be exploded.
These fighters came from nowhere.
Not at all easy targets.
The fighter in all its splendour, still bombarding me.
What's the fighter dumping? Droppings?
It's me! Anti-aircraft fire... hum, they become stationary in the sky. This can only mean one thing... These shots can be useful as aerial mines.
I'm being shot down. Thankfully I asked the guys the other day to reinforce the shields.
Passing to the next level.
I recall Dune and its spaceships. Close encounter with a huge rock.
Dramatic moment one of them is blasted to pieces. I'm afraid I cannot resist any longer. Fortunately they have a spare tank. Some favours and stuff ya know...
Help, I'm desperate here! Why don't you guys do that Muadb'ib stuff and do something for a change?
These ships are surely space kamikazes. Well, another report for another destroyed vehicle.
Next level. All quiet here. No ETs in sight. Only Space 1999 bases.
Missile launched!
Two missiles launched!!!
BANG! One missile down!
Missiles everywhere!
Fighters massive attack.
Next level. The launching platforms fire these remote controlled balls.
Balls everywhere!
No escaping...
What's happening here? Why is my vehicle lowering its screen?
Aaaa...a... (end of transmission)