3D Seiddab Attack Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dragon 32/64 version

Loading screen
Title screen
Drone 1 activated
Night in the city
Blowing up a Seiddab
Here comes the mothership
The screen flashes as it explodes
Invasion repelled
The animation is choppy but evocative
Drone 1 shutdown
They're too many!
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

Title Screen
Starting the game
I've Killed One (yellow impact)
Making real inroads
I'm dead (red impact)
Y for Kempston - Loading.
Please Wait - Loading.
On target.
Turning directions for another corridor.
Charging fire.
Few seconds before impact.
Fire blast fire away
Blowing target far away.
Chasing the Task Force Leader - it leaves a trail on the map like a snake. Being fired by undetectable target.
Impact explosion.
Task Force Leader blown away I.
Task Force Leader blown away II.
Task Force Leader blown away III.
Raised my rank. Entering the countryside. Level 2.
Level 2 - intercepting an enemy electrical ball.
Level 2 - a swarm of seidabbs.
Level 2 - intercepting fire missed... electric ball bellow cannon angle.
Level 2 - one shot, instant failure.
level 3 - I think this is one of three Task Force Leaders. My rank was also raised.
Level 3 - don't know what happened here, but when I hit the target I immediately got killed... time to make a pause.