3D Space Wars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dragon 32/64 version

Instructions while the game is loaded
Title screen
You lift off from the base
Warping out
You warp straight into a Seiddab armada
Firing at the Seiddab
Hit him!
Hit by a Seiddab bolt
Warping into the next level
The Seiddab have other craft here
Closeup encounter
Game over

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads and displays this screen. The question is highlighted in flashing text
After the choice of controller has been made the game continues to load
The player 'warps' into the game with a sequence of flashing rectangles of diminishing size
Bad guys dead ahead! Note that the player warps in but has zero speed at the start of the game.
whenever fuel runs out the screen flashes like this and the game continues. Still no points, these things are harder to hit than was expected
Just making sure that the guns work
The screen also flashes white when the spacecraft is hit by enemy fire
Hit something! This scores 10 points and puts a small pink kill patch in the lower centre of the screen. One kill patch appears for every ship destroyed
Ran out of fuel again. This wipes the score and effectively restarts the level.
Level 1 - Seiddab explosion.
Level 2 - Seiddab explosion.
Level 1 - finding something unusual.
Level 1 - getting close, investigating.
Level 1 - firing at unusual structure. (it happens it's a fuel station)
Level 1 - Firing at the last 2 Seiddabs.
Level 1 - Firing at the last Seiddabs of level 1.
Portal to level 2.
Level 2 - Seiddab armada far away and beginning of level.
Level 2 - Seiddab armada massive attack. Chaos.
Level 2 - Seiddab armada dispersion. Geee that was intense.