3D Starstrike

3D Starstrike Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen and credits
Select joystick or keyboard
Select your difficulty level
The initial attacking ships. Shoot them and they're plasma blasts
Your coming up on the base. This is the first attack run.
On the attack run
Prepare for the trench run.
Use the Force, Lu...sorry, wrong game.
Get ready to destroy the reactor pods.
Shoot the reactor pods.
The reactor pods are destroyed. Prepare to escape.
The Death St...I mean, enemy base blew up.
In the later levels, you can get bonuses for completing certain tasks.
This does look SO familiar. Shoot 15 tower tops for bonus.
I lost all my shields. Game over. I can play again or change the options.

3D Starstrike Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

The game's title screen ....
... is followed by controller selection ....
.... and difficulty setting
Then its straight into the game.
This arrangement of dots represents an enemy energy bolt. The shield indicator on the left shows that some damage has been sustained
When hit the enemy ships break into pieces that are easily mistaken for targets
After the space battle comes an attack on the enemy base. Note shields are not replenished.
The red shapes are buildings to target. They too fragment when hit
The next phase of the game is a trench run
The buildings on the side of the trench can be destroyed but the catwalks cannot. If the player over uses the guns they will cease to function until recharged, see status bar on right
The next phase is to destroy the reactor
Commencing the reactor run
Bother! The reactor is intact. Time to repeat the last section but with no guns and no shields.
Game Over! From here pressing FIRE takes the player back to the start of the game retaining the same controller & difficulty settings