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3DO Games: Decathlon Credits (Windows)

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3DO Games: Decathlon Credits


ProducerMatthew Householder, Roland Kippenhan III
Assistant ProducerPamela Henry-Biskup, Chan Park
DirectorMatthew Householder, Jon Leupp
Technical DirectorRajesh S. Nakhwa
Art DirectorStefan Henry-Biskup
ProgrammingColin Andrews, Jeff Behen, Robert Gatson, Tom Jannak, Jon Leupp, Rajesh S. Nakhwa, Edwin W. Reich Jr., Nicky Robinson
3D / Graphics ProgrammingBill Budge
3D ModellingLioudmila Golynskaia, Robin Watts
AnimationBrih Abee, Ping Cheng, Stuart Elkington, Lioudmila Golynskaia, Terry Hoganson, Kelly Kleider
Graphics / ArtworkDavid Denofreo
3D RenderingJennifer Hubbart, Tory San Jose, Jon Marlowe
MusicRobert Vieira
Video Editing/Post ProductionDiana McKenzie, Jeff Sutherland
Motion Capture CoordinatorLaura Hatton
Quality AssuranceJeff Lapsley, Joe McCloud
MarketingRick Reynolds
PRRick Reynolds
PackagingGalarneau and Sinn
DocumentationMargaret Antonoff, Monica Worline
Additional ProgrammingJános Lerch, Miklós Mátis
Additional Graphics / ArtworkJudit Draskóczy
Localisation / TranslationAlex Green, Maikiko Honda, Marie-Louise Laws, Adrien Laws, Robert Vieira

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (160688), Roland Kippenhan (178) and Jeanne (75375)