Alone in the Dark 2 Credits

Original Version Credits

Produced byBruno Bonnell
Directed byChristiane Sgorlon
First AssistantVincent Terraillon
Production DesignerPatrick Charpenet
ScreenplayHubert Chardot, Frederic Cornet, Christian Nabais
Scenario CodingChristiane Sgorlon, Christophe Nazaret
AnimationsFrederique Bourgin, Jean-Marie Nazaret
SettingsJean-Christophe Blanc, Christophe Anton
MusicFrédéric Mentzen
SoundsFrédéric Mentzen
PublishingOlivier Robin, Edith Protiere
TranslationsBeate Vigliano-Reiter
Special Thanks toBruno Bonnell, Eric Mottet, Olivier Goulay, Norbert Cellier

Interplay Productions Credits

ProducerVincent DeNardo
Line ProducerRyan Rucinski
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Director of QADavid L. Simon
Lead TesterDan Forsyth
TestersLawrence Smith, Jeff Woods, Aaron Olaiz, Derek Gibbs
Tutorial TextLawrence Smith
Graphic DesignSalma Asadi
IllustrationsVance Kovacs
3DO Packaging Concept and DesignDavid Gaines
CEOBrian Fargo

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