Battle Chess: Enhanced CD-ROM Credits


3DO versionKeith Birkett (of Krisalis Software)
Original Battle Chess CD-ROMGreg Christensen
Original Battle Chess®Michael Quarles, Jayesh J. Patel (Jay Patel), Troy P. Worrell
ArtworkDavid Mosher (David Mosher), Arlene Caberto Somers, Todd J. Camasta (Todd W. Camasta)
MusicScott La Rocca
Additional music arrangementRick Freeman
Sound EffectsAlan Howarth, Jason King, Scott La Rocca, Brian Mendelsohn
Synclavier OperationBrian Mendelsohn, Rick Freeman, Alan Howarth, Jason King, Mike Papa
VoicesArt Dutch, Kerrigan Mahan (Ryan O'Flannigan), Douglas Coler, Greg Snow, Sandra Snow, K. A. Mouston, David Surtees (Dave Surtees)
Tutorial Bruce J. Balfour, Roger Rittner Productions
Krisalis QASteve Sumner
Interplay QA directorKirk Tome
QA Assistant DirectorRodney N. Relosa (Rodney Relosa)
TestersWilliam Church, Floyd Grubb, Jason Taylor, Christoper A. Tremmel (Chris Tremmel), Dean Schulte
Additional 3DO graphicsPhillip Hackney (Phil Hackney), Neil Adamson, Tracy Hudson
Original manual designJerry Friedman
Manual writersBruce J. Balfour, Steven M. Tymon, Bill Dugan
Manual EditorBruce Warner
Original producerTroy P. Worrell
ProducerBill Dugan
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
The Battle Chess music was digitally recorded and mixed atLion Share Recording (Hollywood California)
The Battle Chess combat sound effects were digitally recorded and mixed atElectric Melody Studios (Glendale California)
Tutorial dialogue was mixed at The Headway Group (Glendale California)
Copyright 1988‑1993Interplay Productions Inc.
Battle Chess is a registered trademark ofInterplay Productions

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