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Corpse Killer (3DO)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Corpse Killer Credits

A Digital Pictures Production / A U-Direct® Interactive Film

Executive ProducersTom Zito, Tyler Johnson
Interactive DesignKen Soohoo, Kenneth Melville
Additional DesignNoah Falstein
MusicBradley Smith
EditingPeter Bazinski
Production DesignAnthony Tremblay
Director of PhotographyAnthony Palmieri
ScreenplayKenneth Melville
Computer ProgrammingJason Anniballi
Produced byCharles Ogden, Wolfgang Marum
Directed byJohn Lafia
Associate ProducerShari Little
Computer GraphicsCuyler Gee, Joshua Solomon, Kim Tempest, Brian Anderson, Jarmila Seflova
Lead TesterDavid Popovich
Package & ManualThe Design Office of Wong & Yeo


WinstonJeremiah Birkett
JulieBrigett Butler
HellmanVincent Schiavelli
MaglianoJohn Cassini
FlemingGary Anthony Sturgis
DuffyErin Bobo
CaptainBill Mosley
GeneralCharles Kahlenberg

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