Corpse Killer Credits (3DO)

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Corpse Killer Credits

A Digital Pictures Production / A U-Direct® Interactive Film

Executive ProducersTom Zito, Tyler Johnson
Interactive DesignKen Soohoo, Kenneth Melville
MusicBradley Smith
Production DesignAnthony Tremblay
Director of PhotographyAnthony Palmieri
ScreenplayKenneth Melville
Computer ProgrammingJason Anniballi
Produced byCharles Ogden, Wolfgang Marum
Directed byJohn Lafia


WinstonJeremiah Birkett
JulieBrigett Butler
HellmanVincent Schiavelli
MaglianoJohn Cassini
FlemingGary Anthony Sturgis
DuffyErin Bobo
CaptainBill Mosley
GeneralCharles Kahlenberg


Production Supervisor Ellen Gordon
Production Coordinator Thérese Cathcart
Assistant Production Co-ordinator Candace Modrell
Production Secretary Ruth de Thomas
Senior Associate ProducerShari Little
Associate ProducerCarina Chocano
Additional Game Design Noah Falstein
Computer Graphics Lode Coen, Cuyler Gee, Joshua Solomon, Jarmila Seflova, Brian Andersen, Christina Carvalho
First Assistant Director Patrick Duffy
Second Assistant Director Bob Acosta
Script Supervisor Patricia Kangrga
First Assistant Camera Paddy Kean
Second Assistant Camera Arianne Peckham
Film Loader Julie Silver
Steadicam Operator Dave Chameides
Art Director Oana Bogdan
SwingAngel Pastrana
Property Master Randall Earnest
Property Assistant David Fitzpatrick
Miniature Effects Supervisor Dave Sharp
Construction Supervisor Clive Brown
Set Decorator Bonita Huffman
Costume Design Yana Syrkin
Wardrobe Supervisor Bo Slavin
Set Costumer Andrea Federman
Key Make‑Up Artist Diana Thomas
Make‑Up Assistant Marta Callender
Prosthetic Make‑Up Artist Bart Mixon
Prosthetic Make‑Up Assistant Earl Ellis
Hair Dresser Timothy Lasquade
Stunt Coordinator Keith Woulard
GafferJim Gilson
Best Boy Electric Scott Young
ElectriciansJose Hernandez, Raymond Orraca, Pedro Juan Lopez
Key Grip Terry Wimmer
Best Boy Grip Ramón Cuadrado
GripsRaul Rosado, Anibal Pabón
Sound Mixer Mary Jo Devenney
Boom Operator Peter Jones
Production Accountants Donna Cipriani, Tad Driscoll
Assistant Accountant Richard Fleming
Location Manager Ana Rica Groennou
Casting Director Zoraida Sanjurjo
Still Photographer Jose Cuevas
Storyboard Artist Robert Camargo
Transportation Coordinator Jose Luis Fuentes
DriversOtni Vargas, Maniel Negrón, Felix Osorio, Luis Medina, Felix Juan Padua, Hector Lopez, Hector Chaparro, Ivan Lopez
Technical Dance Consultant Lisa Boiko
Office Production Assistants Karen Uphoff, Malen Folch
Key Set Production Assistant Juan Esteban Suarez
Set Production Assistants Francisco Torres, Gilbert Medina
Craft Service Felix Perez

Los Angeles Unit

ElectriciansSteve Stelig, Shawn Blakeman
GripRafael Molinary
Boom Operator Kevin Kubota
Casting Director Valerie Massalas
Extras Casting Tom Thacker
Still Photographer Carol Westwood
Transportation Co‑ordinator Paul Kowalczyk
Office Production Assistant Erika Schleich
Set Production Assistants Remo Packer, Basti Van Der Woude, Navid Sheydaei
CatererGourmet Chabar
Craft Service Stacy Briskman


Post Production SupervisorEric Valente
EditorPeter Bazinski
Assistant Editor David Karson
Post Production AssistantThérese Cathcart
PercussionLouis Conte
GuitarMarty Walsh
Additional Music Joel Goldsmith
Additional Music Editor Don Sanders
Sound Effects Supervisor Mace Matiosian
Sound Effects Editor David Beatle
Additional Sound Effects Albert Ibbotsen
ADR Mixer Alfred T. Ferrante (C.A.S.)
ADR Recordist Daryl Lathrop
Dialog Mixer Chris Haire (C.A.S.)
Sound Effects Mixer Doug Davey
Music Mixer Richard L. Morrison (C.A.S.)
Additional Mixing Tim Claman
RecordistChris Elam
Foley Mixer Marty Church
Post Production Coordinator Dan MacDonald
Effects Compositing Mark Intravotolo
Color Timer Ed Rowin
On Line Editor Roger Berger
Digital Artists Robert McInnis, Marla Carter, Brian Conlon
Head Tester David Popovich
Lead Game Tester Benjamin DeGuzman (as Benjamin-Lee DeGuzman)
Assistant LeadRandall K. Hughes
Game Testers Bill Bound, Ken Brink, Harry Chavez, Anthony Constantino, Paul Franco, Paul Gluck, Rob Macy
Package & ManualThe Design Office of Wong & Yeo
Filmed on location inPuerto Rico and at Praxis Film Works in Los Angeles California.
Created, Produced and Published byDigital Pictures Inc.
Copyright 1994Digital Pictures Inc.

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