Cowboy Casino Credits (3DO)

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Cowboy Casino Credits


Cowboy Casino byIntelliPlay
Executive ProducerSandy Flynn
Designed byBuddy Ray, Brock Stanton, Sandy Flynn
Graphics Services byThe Computer Studio, Keith White
Programming Services byPixel Technologies Inc., Joel Webber, Ken Franklin
Cowboy Casino is another fine product ofIntellimedia Sports Inc.
ChairmenBen J. Dyer
CEOBen J. Dyer
PresidentBrock Stanton
COOBrock Stanton
Vice PresidentSandy Flynn
Vice President of OperationsBuddy Ray
Chief Technology OfficerBuddy Ray
Vice President of MarketingMichael D. Bloom
Vice President and CFOJames L. Edwards
Research FellowMichael S. Jones
Technical DirectorBill Markle
Art DirectorIn Lee
Digital FactoryRett Crocker, Brian Dykes, Marc Frederick, Cheng Leong
All contents copyright © 1994 byIntellimedia Sports Inc.
IntelliPlay and the IntelliPlay Logo are trademarks ofIntellimedia Sports Inc.
3DO and the 3DO logos are trademarks ofThe 3DO Company

Credits for this game were contributed by Alaka (50475) and formercontrib (159885)