DeathKeep (3DO)

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Written by  :  Indra is stressed (20731)
Written on  :  Mar 07, 2004
Platform  :  3DO

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It's amazing how nauseous you get after playing hours of hours of FPS games...

The Good

This is probably my first First Person Shooter (FPS) game ever. Although, in this case guns weren't invented yet. Replaced my trigger happy with a finger happy long bow. I can't believe I even played this game for so long, either I was that bored, or I actually dig the game. I hope it's not the later.

Well anyway, it's a medieval FPS. If I'm not mistaken you have to choose your character class in the beginning...something like Thief, Mage...more or less. Anyway, choosing a class means different weapons (I think).

It was interesting to see the 1st-Person version of AD&D spells. There were several new spells if I recall, but they still had the good ol' magic missile. They didn't have many spell levels though, if I remember correctly. Me needs screenshots fix me amnesia. Anyone?

The Bad

Bleeech. I didn't feel this nauseous since I played Doom. I really hate what FPS does to your brains. I remember I had to stop playing a couple of types because my stomach rebelled on me.

I kinda hate FPS games with a vengeance, due to the fact that most (if not all) FPS games has no educational value much less a story line besides kill'em all (as much as I like you Duke have no class!). But then again, Return to Castle Wolfenstein does have something going.

After hours of playing and hours of almost throwing up, I kinda got fed up playing this game. I even reached the boss (I think), but didn't have the stomach to continue.

The Bottom Line

Trust your gut feeling. :)