Escape from Monster Manor Credits (3DO)

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Escape from Monster Manor Credits


Lead ProgrammerLeo L. Schwab
ArtworkStefan Henry-Biskup
Level DesignStefan Henry-Biskup, Dan Duncalf, Mike Lopez
AnimatrixKim Tempest
ProgrammingJon Leupp
Artiste NoireLiz Beatrice
Additional ArtGreg Savoia
MusicRobert Vieira
Sound EffectsRobert Vieira
VO ScriptsRobert Vieira
Additional ProgrammingPeter Commons
Intro 3D AnimationPaul Barton
TestersEric Carney, Casey Grimm, Michael S. Jablonn, Mike Lopez, Rich Shane, Brian Walker
Evil VoiceLeslie Hedger
Chief ZombieRobert J. Mical
ProducersStewart J. Bonn, Trip Hawkins
Assistant ProducerMike Lopez
Special Thanks toDave Needle, Dale Luck, Stephen Landrum, Dave Platt, Phil Burk, Stan Shepard, Don Gray, Paul Brandt, Jani Pettit, Michael Conway, Diane Hunt, Pamela Henry-Biskup, Mark Holmes, Penelope Terry, Joel and The Bots, Amigans Everywhere

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