Family Feud Credits (3DO)

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Family Feud Credits


Executive ProducerWilliam B. McCormick
Database EditingNeil Plakcy
Quality AssuranceNeil Plakcy
Creative DirectorSteve Curran
Art DirectorJohn Tombley
Package DesignJohn Tombley, Wendy Weber
Manual DesignWendy Weber
Production CoordinatorSherry Kross
Anarchist & BrummieRod Humble


Developed byEurocom Inc.
ProducerHugh Binns
Associate ProducerMark Hetherington
ProgrammingRobert Watkins
Programming SupportPaul Bates
Graphics CoordinatorAndy Bee
Graphics byAndy Bee, Nigel Bentley, Matt Dixon, Colin Garrat, Adrian Mannion
Rendered GraphicsMark Hodsman
MusicNeil Baldwin, Steve Duckworth
SoundNeil Baldwin, Steve Duckworth
Host's Voice‑OverRon Beuhrer
FilmingQ‑Studios; Leicester
DigitisingCambridge Multimedia
Special ThanksRichard Alton, Steve Bedser, Ian Denny, Ashley Finney, Kevin Holt, David J. Looker, Tim Rogers, Andi Smithers, Mat Sneep, Tim Swann, Jon Williams
HostWal Foster
First FamilyAlan, Sherry, Pete, Kerry, Tim
Second FamilyIan, Karen, Pram, Steve, Gail
Third FamilyLen, Hyacinth, Maxine, Jeremy, Dennise
Fourth FamilyMohan, Vina, Bala, Ashok, Angelica

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