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John Madden Football '93

John Madden Football '93 Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Team comparison
Get ready!
The referee drops the coin...
It's heads!
Kick off
The game comments on what is going on
Standard position
The ball is up in the air...
It snows!
Your turn
The camera shows everything
Sacked! The audience reacts to that...

John Madden Football '93 Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
Game Set-up screen
See a profile of the teams from John Madden
A view of the stadium before the game
The crowd cheer a successful play
The Japanese version features a new introduction. Instead of Madden "talking", we get the game's logo through the screens...
...a player running and then throwing the ball...
...which ends up breaking one of the screens. And if you wonder where Madden is...
...here he is! Speaking in Japanese, of course