Jurassic Park Interactive Credits (3DO)

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Jurassic Park Interactive Credits


Project DirectorGregory A. Gorsiski
Project DesignerGregory A. Gorsiski
Technical DirectorEric Carlson
Lead Software EngineerJay London
Software EngineerAnup Murarka, Oren Tversky
Graphic ArtistMichelle Breiner, Peter Carlson, Al Tofanelli
AnimatorTom Adams
PainterPaul Xander
ArtistDiana Gorsiski
Video DirectorJoel Symmes
Sound EffectsRobert Vieira
Production CoordinatorMuir Palmer
ProducerChris Downend
Additional ProgrammingStephen Beeman, Neil Day, Tony Myles, Larry Reed
Additional ArtLiz Beatrice, Greg Savoia
Music for Spitter Shoot, T-Rex Chase, Raptor Maze, and the Nedry LocksMuthers Recording Studio, Sean Hopper, Joe White, Dave Muskgrove
Video ServicesLynn Ackler, Brad Engstrand, Jeff Sutherland
Lead Game TesterCasey Grimm
Game TestersErik Carney, Cassi Carpenter, Michael S. Jablonn, Michael Wallis
DocumentationElizabeth Fais, Chris Downend
ActorsDenny Delk (Voice Talent), Jason Ford (as Robert Muldoon), Sam Taylor (as Dr. Alan Grant), Joan Harris (as Dr. Ellie Sattler), Frank Paturzo (as Dr. Ian Malcolm), Leslie Hedger (as John Hammond and Dennis Nedry)
Special Acting Thanks toRobert Chinn, James G. Cook, Jessie Duvall, Philip Maynard, David S. Maynard, Rod Perkins
Make Up ArtistJenny Zielon
Package DesignWilson Design Group

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