Killing Time Credits (3DO)

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Killing Time Credits


Executive ProducerRobert Lindsey
ProducerJuliAnn Juras Appler
Game DirectorsLarry Reed, Al Tofanelli
Technical DirectorLarry Reed
Art DirectorAl Tofanelli
Assistant ProducerRobert Vieira
MusicRobert Vieira
Sound FXRobert Vieira
Video ScoringRobert Vieira
Software EngineersJon Leupp, Colin Andrews, Nicky Robinson
ArtistsStefan Henry-Biskup, Liz Beatrice, Grace Chen, Bill Eral, Paul Xander
3D Animation and DesignJoel Symmes, Brent Collins
AnimationsEric Hedman, Bill Hunt
Maze DesignersMichael S. Jablonn, Peter Carlson, Scott Walker, Keith Bachman
Original Treatment WriterThomas Claburn
Technical AdvisorsSteven E. Hayes, Lee Marrs, Ed Rotberg
A/V EngineersBrad Engstrand, Diana McKenzie, Rachel Mayeri, Jeff Sutherland
Director‑ Intoduction VideoLiz Beatrice
Ghost DialogueJohn Hight
Character Concept ArtistIain McCaig
Product Testing LeadJoe McCloud
Assistant Testing LeadMikael Herauf
TestersCasey Grimm, Daryl Allison, Shauna Ratliff, Justin Bates, David Fruin, Phillip Co, Maria Harrell, Greg Eichner

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