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Kingdom: The Far Reaches (3DO)

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GamePro (US)
Far Reaches is no salve for traditional RPG warriors, but it makes a great forage into another strange fantasy world. If you think you're going to get the fast action of Dragon's Lair or the solid elements of Chrono Trigger, however, you'd better Reach for something else.
Entertainment Weekly
A given clip may be interesting the first time, but repeats can grow tiresome (fortunately, they can be cut short). Step-by-step decisions limit control over Lathan between or during clips, so while Saturday-morning-TV fans may thrill to the thought of manipulating a cartoon, older players aren't likely to be much impressed.
Video Games & Computer Entertainment
Still, there are a few dozen of hours of puzzles to solve and very entertaining voice acting --- shame about the so-so animation. The verdict: Kingdom is one of the most playable FMV games for the 3DO, which isn't saying much, but hey.
Electric Playground
Some games just feel like work. Kingdom the new animated full motion video RPG from Interplay is like that.
Game Zero
This game is so bad, that every time I try to play it, I just want to slit my wrists to make it stop. The animation/graphics in this game are horrendous, as is the audio/soundtrack. This game is like someone took the film segments of some failed 70's animated TV movie, cut it up, spliced it together again in no particular order and tried to make it an interactive game. The sad part is, I think there may be a decent story underneath all of the surface crap, but I just can't get myself to tolerate the interface for long enough to find it (and trust me, I've put some time into this game... shudder).