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Novastorm (3DO)

Novastorm Screenshots

3DO version

Intro shot 1
Intro shot 2
Main menu.
Before every stage the game introduces the new enemy types.
..as well as mid-bosses.
Here is is - the Scavenger ship in all its glory!
Landing on a lava planet.
While the action window is relatively small, the video quality is outstanding.
Entering a lava tunnel.
Fighting the first mid-boss.
The orb on the bottom of the screen indicates the bosses health.
Starting level 1-2
Even this early on the game is not a pushover.
A short mid-level cutscene. There is a lot of them.
Fighting the second mid-boss.
...and it's toast.
Level 1-3... Novastorm is surprisingly long for an FMV game.
In this stage the game for the first time becomes difficult.
REALLY difficult.
About to fight the third mid-boss.