Out of This World Credits


Original ProgrammingÉric Chahi
ArtworkÉric Chahi
DesignÉric Chahi
Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
ProducerMichael Conti
ProgrammingRebecca Ann Heineman
ScriptorRebecca Ann Heineman
Music Composed byAndrew Dimitroff
Music EngineersNick Carr, Sheridan Eldridge
Background GraphicsLil' Gangsters Entertainment
Sound DesignParadise Post Production
Sound EffectsClive Mizumoto, Ron Salaises
Music Mastering and EditingCharles Deenen
Sound Effects EditingBrian Luzietti
Line ProducerLars Brubaker
Opening Title SequenceEduardo Trillo
Director of Quality AssuranceKirk Tome
TestingJason Taylor, William Church
Manual Written byPierre Cousseau
Manual EditorLars Brubaker, Scott Bennie
Manual DesignLarry Fukuoka
A Special Thanks to Alan Pavlish

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