Primal Rage Credits

Original Coin-Op Development

ProducerDennis Harper
DesignerFrank Kuan
ProgrammersDennis Harper, Frank Kuan
Art DirectorJason Leong
Game DesignerJ. Cameron Petty
Audio DesignerJeanne Parson
Associate ProducerStephen Riesenberger

Consumer Development

Senior ProducerKen Humphries
Associate ProducerThomas MacDevitt
Cinematic SequencesProvidence Studios, George Salazar, James Wigdahl, Steve Gefron, Rober Evans
Test ManagerCurtis Soldano
TWI Game TestersJohn Arvay, Robert Boone, Kevin Filson, Mike Kruse, Brian Fritts
Product Marketing ManagerJohn Golden
ManualJon Mongelluzzo
Special ThanksJohn Fisher, Chris Ryu Tang, Norman Manes, Derryl Depriest

Probe Entertainment

ProgrammerKeith Burkitt
ArtistsTerry Ford, Paul Brierly
MusiciansStuart McDonald, Andrew Brock
QA ManagerClifford Ramsey
TestersNick McGee, Michael Movel, Mark Viccary, James Brown, Russell Wark, Robert Lewtas, Michael Patrick
ProducerRobert O'Farrell
Assistant ProducerJames Stewart, Jim Bradstock
Special ThanksNigel Little

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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (17727)