Twisted: The Game Show Credits


Game DesignerJim Eisenstein
DirectorJim Eisenstein
ProgrammingNeil Cormia, Larry Reed, Frank Sandoval, Chris McFall, Stephen Beeman
Executive ProducersTrip Hawkins, Stewart J. Bonn
ProducerChris Downend
Assistant ProducerMichael Hensley
Director of Video ProductionDana Beard
Art DirectorJanine Kubert
GraphicsAnnabella Serra, Leah Anton, Vince Arroyo
SoundGary Clayton
MusicGary Clayton
Content SupervisorJennifer Hubbart
ScreenplayMichael Manos, Jim Eisenstein, Dana Beard, Marcelo D. Ziperovich, Jennifer Hubbart
Technical DirectorNeil Cormia
Product ManagerDiane Flynn
Package DesignE. J. Saraille
Package Art DirectionNancy L. Fong
DocumentationMarti McKenna
Documentation LayoutJennie Maruyama
Testing ManagerRandy Delucchi
Quality AssuranceRich Rogers, Paul Armatta (Amore), J.M. Skolnick, Casey Grimm
Additional ProgrammingJoe Buczek, Jay London
Special Thanks ToJeff Barman, Brad Engstrand, John English, William Duvall, Marcelo D. Ziperovich, Heather McDonald, Audrey Eisenstein, Pat Cormia

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