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Twisted: The Game Show (3DO)

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Entertainment Weekly
Hosted by live-action emcee Twink Fizzdale, this high-tech party game plunks up to four live-action contestants into mix-and-match puzzles, trivia quizzes, and a sadistic device called the Wheel of Torture. Twisted's propulsive, good-natured parody rings truer than The Horde's-and it's more fun to play.
Video Games & Computer Entertainment
Twisted is just that. A crazy spiraling quest from inside your television set that gamers and non-gamers alike will enjoy. The most accessible video game for the 3DO is here.
Defunct Games
If you're looking for a great party game for your 3DO then you can't go wrong with this zany game show. Some of the challenges may get old after awhile but there's no denying the excitement you get when playing your friends at a game of Twisted!
Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
This is a hilarious game show with very funny contestants and excellent categories. The graphics are very colorful and it is easy to play. The skill levels also make the game inviting for everyone - regardless of their age.
GamePro (US)
You can adjust the challenge, so don't feel that Twisted will go over your head. Some of the trivia questions are hard and as you progress through the game, more questions are added to the challenge. Twisted is definitely more fun than sitting around all day watching game shows.
Game Players
As usual EA did a fine job of creating and executing the concept, the only fault of the game lies in it's limited challenges and short-lived video snippets. Just like old reruns, if you've seen it once - you've see it.
Digital Press - Classic Video Games
EA presents a fresh new look in contrast to the one-dimensional game shows produced in real life. Two to four participants vie to become the first to reach the top of a spiraling staircase (called "the pallindrome"). Along the way, you answer assorted trivia, recreate pictures, zap commercials on a grid, play concentration via sounds or pictures, match a trio of faces, or test your memory by selecting items off of store shelves. The graphics and sounds - especially the actors, are crisp and well rendered. Providing comic relief are corny commercials which occasionally interrupt the game. Overall, this is a must-see game when having a group of people over, but after repeated play the material loses its appeal.
Uno show di cabaret con qualche elemento di gioco. Merita di essere visto se amate il trash e masticate l'inglese. Per il resto, c'รจ di molto meglio in giro. Se avete 4 amici e voglia di passare un'ora di risate dopo una cena pesante, vi divertirete!
The Video Game Critic
As far as the acting goes, it's not quite to the point of embarrassing, but close. I wasn't impressed with the bizarre contestants, but some of the commercials really did crack me up, like the product that was both toothpaste AND shoe polish. The "nothing toy" for dogs was also pretty clever. The action begins with two to four players on a large game board. Most spaces initiate "challenges", or mini-games played by one person. There are eight games in all, mostly consisting of puzzles, memory matches, or trivia challenges. Most are amusing, but some get annoying after repeated plays. The overall production quality of this game is pretty good, and the graphics and sound quality is commendable. Twisted The Game Show grew on me, but many players (like my wife) will hate the cheesy concept behind it all.