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Advertising Blurbs

    Multi-dimensional puzzle mayhem exclusive to PSP – it's all in the power of perspective.

    Trapped in a banal life, the pyjama-clad hero of Crush finds himself tormented by worry. He's a nervous wreck, plagued by sleepless nights that leave him too tired to turn his life around.

    But it is in a bizarre, dream-like vision that this unlikely adventurer is given one last hope; an opportunity to sort through the wreckage of his mind and restore his sanity, along with his sleep.

    Puzzle your way through over 50 brain-bending levels with the surreal ability to switch perspectives from 3D to 2D as you conquer challenges. Changing perspective achieves more than simply altering the viewpoint; platforms shift, new paths open, impossible to reach objects become accessible and chain reactions in the environment are sparked.

    • Crush's unique gameplay allows you to move instantly between 2D and 3D perspective at the press of a button
    • Over 50 mind-stretching levels blending puzzle and platform gameplay
    • Brilliantly realised, surreal environments and an engaging storyline introduce an endearingly odd lead character

    Contributed by DreinIX (9397) on Apr 25, 2008.